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Fundamental of digital marketing DIDM
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Fundamental of digital marketing

Fundamentals of digital marketing course

The Fundamentals of digital marketing, understanding your audience, create high quality content measuring results. These concepts provide a roadmap for developing effective marketing strategies.

Fundamentals Skills for a digital marketing

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course, students will learn professional Digital Marketing skills like SEO, Google Analytics, SEM, etc. The complete list of skills that students will learn under the Google Digital Marketing course is mentioned below.

Web OptimizationContent Marketing
Social media marketingGoogle analytics
Social media OptimizationEmail Marketing
Search engine optimizationBusiness Strategy
Search engine MarketingVideo Ad Creation

Fundamentals of digital marketing Web optimization

Website optimization is the process of strategies and experiments to improve a website’s health performance. The purpose website optimization is to increase traffic, conversions, and revenue. How to a learner key thoughts and tips for someone learning about web optimization:

Good User Experience Optimize Images and Multimedia
Page Loading Speed Matters Regularly update and maintain
SEO Basics are Fundamental Reduce HTTP Requests
Content is always kingImplement SSL Security

Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing

There is a lot of demandable for social media marketing in today’s, essential components of digital marketing that focus on social media platforms to promote brands, products, or services. If you’re a learner, some key concepts and skills you should focus on:

Understanding algorithmAdaptability and Trends
Target Audience IdentificationSMM Analytics and Measurement
Content Creation and StrategyCommunity Building and Engagement
Visual Content CreationInfluencer Marketing
Paid Advertising on social media Social Listening

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

In social media optimization, we have to create online presence of our profile and post that are attractive to our audience on social media platform. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help a learner grasp the top 10 basic concepts of SMO

Understand Social Media PlatformsEngagement Techniques
Create ProfilesUtilize Visual Content
Optimize ProfilesTiming Matters
Content StrategySocial Sharing Buttons
Use Hashtags WiselyAnalytics and Monitoring

Search engine optimization

SEO which is very popular name in Digital Marketing world, use to improve visibility of website on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. so that when a user search for any keyword related to Your website than Your website would be visible on top of Search engine result page.

What things should a beginner keep in mind top 10 basic concept SEO?
Keyword ResearchTechnical SEO
On-Page SEOSEO Analytics
Quality ContentLocal SEO
User Experience (UX)Mobile SEO
Link BuildingStay Updated

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) digital marketing strategy used to increase the visibility of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs). This is a very good strategy to enhance your website. Top 10 fundamental of digital marketing related to Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):Quality Score
Paid AdvertisingConversion Tracking
Keyword ResearchAd Extensions
Ad CopywritingRemarketing
Landing Page OptimizationAnalytics and Reporting

Fundamental of Content Marketing

Content is the fuel” of digital marketing and holds the most important place in terms of improving your online business. Being able to create high-quality, relevant, and most importantly SEO-friendly content is a skill that every digital marketing aspirant should possess.
The significance of content is apparent everywhere because it fosters the rapid growth of any platform. content primarily includes a few elements, such as high-quality content.

AudienceSEO Best Practices
Keyword ResearchVisual Content
Compelling HeadlinesContent Calendar
Quality and RelevanceCall-to-Action (CTA)
StorytellingAnalytics and Optimization

Email Marketing

The skillful use of a particular skill is essential for any business because it either adds value to its customers or helps the business to identify and target their desired audience more effectively. Any brand you’re working for will have content they want to distribute — email newsletters are a great way to tap into an email user base to extend the reach of content.

Fundamentals-of-digital-marketing-Email Marketing
Building a Subscribers ListMobile Optimization
PersonalizationA/B Testing
Compelling Subject LinesCompliance with Regulations
Quality ContentAnalytics and Measurement

Video Ad Creation

Here are the top 10 concepts related to video ad creation:
Clear Message and StorytellingCall-to-Action (CTA)
Know Your AudiencePlatform-Specific Optimization
Attention-Grabbing StartEngage Without Sound
Visual AppealTesting and Iteration
Mobile OptimizationAnalytics and Performance Measurement

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